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TOYSREVIL-Edition Red Vader Grenade

$65.00 / On Sale

The TOYSREVIL-Exclusive RED Edition VADER GRENADE are 3D-printed RED colored collectibles (Designed by Han Yew Hock & made by Shapeways) are each sized 3.8" tall item comes bagged and boxed, and includes a mini print from Yew Hock! Available in a limited run of only 10 pieces!


*Local / Singapore is an additional US$4 with item mailed out boxed via SingPost.

*International / Overseas is an additional US$15 with item mailed out boxed via air-post, with Registered Article Status.

*No restriction of quantity purchase per person.
*No Reservations.
*No Refunds.
*No Returns.

Neither TOYSREVIL nor I will be responsible for the status of the collectible if stopped at your countries' customs, if it is deemed a "weapon" or "dangerous" item! But I will definitely state on custom declaration that this is a "toy".

Once you purchase this item, it means you have understood this disclaimer and have accepted it's terms. Thank you!

This is the tenth and final 10x10 exclusive edition released to celebrate 10 Years of Bloggery on the TOYSREVIL-blog, with the explosive finale courtesy of Han Yew Hock, with the RED VADER GRENADE!

Han Yew Hock @
- https://about.me/hanyewhock
- https://www.instagram.com/yewhock/