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'EmoCyBoy' - Custom 7" Munny by TOYSREVIL

$90.00 - On Sale

"Emo CyBoy" was customized by TOYSREVIL from a 7" Munny, and was exhibited at the 2010 Munny World Indonesia Festival in Jakarta, and most recently at the TOYSREVIL Booth at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention 2012. This is the first time I am making this available for sales online!

This one-of-a-kind Custom is priced at US$90 (excluding shipping & handling). Local / Singapore purchases available to self-collect (in Pasir Ris) ad you can do away with the postage costs, no worries :)

"Emo CyBoy" unfortunately has some slight 'faults', primarily due to white paint spots on both his "hair" and on his body (seen in pictures shown here) which occurred during packing of the item at MWFI (and other custom toys in the same box), when another aerosol-themed custom toy "exploded" and sprayed white paint across most pieces in the box. And as well some small areas of paint has chipped away since, due to wear and tear.

By purchasing this item, it means you have read, seen and understand the issues with this custom. If you are down with this, it would be my honor to have my first custom Munny in your collection :)